An offer that has cleaned itself up



The collected washing water was pumped away and transported to the disposal facility in several tankers. Disruption to operations. Filling with fresh water, addition of bio-microbes.



Clearex empties, clears up, cleans and fills the car wash in one process on site. A chemical and physical process is performed in the special Clearex vehicles on site to separate the mixture of oil and water into solid and liquid matter and clarify it. The special vehicles have been adapted to comply with the new Swiss legislation. The treated water meets the discharge requirements as per the Water Protection Ordinance and can thus be returned to the system. Only the significantly smaller volume of mud and sludge is taken away from the separator and disposed.


The savings for you:

  • Significant reduction in the use of fresh water – the separator is filled with recycling water in compliance with statutory regulations
  • Bio-microbes are retained to break down the washing additives
  • Reduction in the disposal volume – lower price per cubic metre
  • Less expenditure of time, shorter interruption of operations
  • Reduction in transportation costs
  • Professional cleaning of the system


Autowaschanlagen, Waschportale

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