Step on the cost brake


The entire content of the mineral oil separator, two thirds of which is dirty water, was drained, taken away and disposed of in a special system.



Clearex empties, clarifies and fills the mineral oil separator in one process on site. A chemical and physical process is performed in the special Clearex vehicle on site to separate the mixture of oil and water into solid and liquid matter and clarify it. The treated water meets the discharge requirements as per the Water Protection Ordinance and can thus be returned to the system.


Only the significantly smaller volume of solid matter and waste oil is taken away and disposed, normally in an inexpensive “collection service.”

The savings for you:

  • Professional disposal, guaranteed functional safety and cost savings.
  • Low disposal volume results in lower costs per cubic metre!
  • Reduction in the use of fresh water/recirculation of the cleaned water.
  • Less administration – there is only invoicing system and one partner for several stations in Switzerland.
  • Collection services reduce your transportation costs!
  • You make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions!
  • The modern administrative structure means that we can monitor all interval deadlines for you and perform the work required in a timely manner.


Klären und Befüllen von Mineralölabscheider in einem Arbeitsgang

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