Chemical and physical process in the special Clearex vehicle

The Clearex system is exceptional and has the required authorisations under environmental law.

VeVA codes:

  • 13 05 08 Mineral oil separators
  • 20 03 06 Street water collectors
  • 19 08 09 Grease separators
  • 13 05 02 Car wash systems

Sunk and floating sludge must regularly be cleared out of separation and retention systems. For cleaning purposes, the up to 20 percent dry substance is generally pumped away with the less polluted water.

The new special vehicles suck up the entire mixture into their tank. It is then split up into solid material and water through the addition of flocculants. The treated water meets the discharge requirements as per the Water Protection Ordinance and can thus be returned to the system. Only the solidified sludge remains and is used in according with its condition.






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