Environmental policy of the Marquis group of companies

The Marquis Group, consisting of Aquatec Kanalsanierungen AG, Clearex® Schweiz AG, EVAG AG, Marquis AG Kanalservice, Steiner AG Kanalservice and Rohrputz-Loriol AG, is committed to environmental protection. We understand that the performance of our services is very energy intensive. Some of our work also involves environmentally harmful substances and our value chains have a direct impact on the environment. By acting thoughtfully and continually integrated new findings into our work, we want to actively reduce environmental pollution and do everything that is possible and prescribed in terms of recycling to conserve resources.

The environmental protection officer of the Marquis Group is a member of the management team. This means that company goals within the context of environmentally-oriented company management can be incorporated at the senior management level and implemented.



Our environmental policy is binding for the entire scope of the services provided by the Marquis group of companies. This includes sewage services, sewage clean-up, clarification processes in mobile systems, the subsidiaries in Dulliken, Spreitenbach and the stationary disposal facility in Füllinsdorf.

Environmental management system

Our environmental management system makes the company’s processes transparent and enables us to review them continually and correct them if necessary.

Environmental conformity

We follow statutory environmental regulations in the sense of a minimum requirement. If there are no such regulations, we establish our own, responsible guidelines in discussion with the authorities.

Prevention of environmental pollution

We want to take precautionary measures to reduce environmental pollution to a minimum. With consideration of cost effectiveness, we deploy low-emission technologies as far as possible.

Due to our partially energy-intensive processes, we focus particular attention on reducing the CO2 emissions of our vehicles, the economical and proper use of environmentally dangerous substances, and the use of electricity and fuel oil. We mainly achieve this by our employees acting independently and using modern technologies in all our processes. In the area of disposals, we do everything to maintain a high recycling rate.


Continual improvement

We continually evaluate our impact on the environment and periodically set new environmental goals. This enables us to continually improve our environmental performance.

Event management

We recognise damage and risks for the environment in a timely manner and prevent them as far as possible by establishing relevant organisational structures and issuing behavioural guidelines. At the same time, we specify possible measures for limiting the damage.

Industrial ecology

Various waste from direct or indirect value-adding processes can be recycled. By doing so we actively spare the damaging effect on the environment.

Involvement of employees

All employees are obligated to meet our environmental demands and make a significant contribution towards the environmental policy being implemented. They are therefore trained in environmental protection issues.

Involvement of suppliers

We prefer suppliers who act both economically and ecologically.

Accessible to the public

If necessary, we inform the public about our environmental services. We seek direct dialogue with our employees and with the public and authorities.

25.06.2015 / Senior management / Andreas Marquis 


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