CLEAREX makes profits for you!

Clearex® Schweiz AG – the ideal fluid waste disposal partner across Switzerland for individual garages, restaurant chains and companies of all sizes.

The catering industry, industrial production and agricultural sector produce sludge that must be regularly disposed.

Special vehicles were developed for the mobile clarification of separation systems and have been in use in the EU for around 10 years. We have now further developed these vehicles and adapted them to the requirements of the Swiss market. The Clearex special vehicle can now drain sludge on site via a chemical and physical process. The treated water meets the discharge requirements as per the Water Protection Ordinance and can thus be returned to the system and is not lost; the considerably smaller volume of sludge is used or disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner. The mobile clarification of separators and retention systems saves costs and is also a welcome contribution to environmental protections.

Is cost reduction an argument?

One-off loss leaders rarely generate a profit. All things considered, all that normally remains are unnecessary activities and the loss of a well-functioning team. However, a permanently good value offer, without any loss of quality in the services, must be of interest to you.

The savings for you:

  • Professional disposal, guaranteed functional safety and cost savings.
  • Low disposal volume results in lower costs per cubic metre!
  • Reduction in the use of fresh water/recirculation of the cleaned water.
  • Less administration – there is only invoicing system and one partner for several stations in Switzerland.
  • Collection services reduce your transportation costs!
  • You make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions!
  • The modern administrative structure means that we can monitor all interval deadlines for you and perform the work required in a timely manner.

 Geringes Entsorgungsvolumen = geringe Kubukmeter-Kosten!

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